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We are Studio Berkheim.

We are Studio Berkheim.

We show, collect and celebrate young contemporary art from all over the globe. Our mission is to support artists and to enthuse more people with arts.

HW Kollektion

In October, Studio Berkheim will host its first official group exhibition with over 30 top talents of the art world. In this show we want to bring artists to the south, which can otherwise only be admired in Berlin, London and New York. 


A visit is only possible by appointment:


why and what?


we celebrate together; art, music and life.

And that in a unique ambience. 


over 50 young artists are part of the collection.

We are happy to show artists like Chloe Wise, Jamian Juliano-Villani, Tau Lewis, Oli Epp, Austin Lee, Pascal Sender and many more


we are open to all crazy ideas from artists, companies and creative minds. Together we can give the Stuttgart region a creative impulse. 

Write us:

Leo Dorsch / Co - Director

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